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Sunday, April 24, 2011
i just answered my own question.

if someone , whether be it a lover or a friend.
if that someone wants to be part of your life.
he or she will put in the effort to communicate with you.

not just things like replies to Tweets.
not just Likes on Facebook.
not just comments on photos here and there.

emails , messengers and skype.
smses , phone calls or even whatsapp and such.
or even more traditionally , letters.

if you mattered enough , you'd be getting all these from me.
if i mattered enough to you, you'd be talking to me too.

guess i know where i stand with certain friends.
it was nice knowing you once upon a time.

aiky wrote in white | 12:55 AM

Saturday, March 12, 2011
a facade of strength

one of the hardest things to do is project a facade of strength
when deep inside. you're dying.
the crazier part is. you don't know what's killing you.
you lose motivation to do the things you love.
you lose interest in things you used to do.

and it seems to the whole world that everything is all right.
but when the facade crumbles.
what happens ?

aiky wrote in white | 12:40 PM

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

funny , it seems like blogging is such a dead thing these days


i get to write stuff here that at most one or two people who actually bother to come here will see.
hell , even i don't come here often.

i promised myself i'd write more.

an entry a day for Europe.
well , looking at the pictures , the memories seem to be fading.
but i'll be damned if i don't write it all down.
and i should finish up my PP for my pictures before CNY , that's a promise to myself.
look out for them on FB !

was reading through a huge load of quotes in December during my break ,
and one of them that makes a whole lot of sense is this :

There's nothing wrong in in showing you care for someone.
What's wrong is expecting him/her to do the same.

I guess it pretty much explains what I've been doing wrong.
Not that I didn't realise this before reading this quote , I'm just the sort of person that needs something written down in words before it'll really stick with me.

Aye , gotta go to camp now so ciao for now.

aiky wrote in white | 5:22 AM

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I'm happy that you're happy.
And to me , that's all that matters.
No explanations needed.

aiky wrote in white | 12:11 PM

Thursday, December 16, 2010

if there was one thing that people never say about me
(and that's because they're too nice to say it out)
it's that i'm bloody lazy.

almost two weeks after getting back from Europe and no one has seen any pictures yet.
why ?
cause i'm so lazy , I myself have yet to vet through them.

i promised myself I'd write an entry for every day spent there.
well , it's been so long , I doubt I can write anything of remarkable length.

people remember things more when they talk about it.
i tend to forget more when i tell others.
it's like , oh i've told someone else about it , i can forget it now.
heh , come to think of it , it's like studying for exams.
right after my exams , i never ever remember anything i've studied.

heh , did i mention i procrastinate alot ?
i started this blog post hours ago , and yet i'm only posting this now .

lol , okay hopefully , i can get my photos sorted out as much as possible.

i'll start now . for real . and write a blog entry for every country at least .

aiky wrote in white | 5:13 PM

Saturday, November 20, 2010
next stop

Europe !


Flight Details :

SQ 366 - Changi International Airport - Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport
- Dep : Nov 21 , 0100

SQ 321 - London Heathrow Airport - Changi International Airport
- Arr : Dec 3 , 1845

Be back in December !

aiky wrote in white | 8:35 PM

Thursday, November 18, 2010
you won't find faith and hope down a telescope

wow , it's been a really hectic couple of weeks
things happening faster than i can comprehend
must have been in too slow a gear for far too long !


still haven't found real motivation to work on stuff
but a steady supply of ideas are coming in !
things to keep me occupied for a while at least.

but for some funny reason , i work best when i've got other things to do ,
things to prepare for and events to head for.

like for example , most times when i upload photos to facebook , it's like an hour before i'm due to head out to meet friends , which means in the preceding hours , i just found the urge to sort through and filter through the photos.

but honestly the procrastination stems from one thing . i tend to snap alot .
a one day event , if i find enough things of interest can result in close to a thousand or even more shots and these aren't even big events we're talking about.

and even when i'm shooting for myself , i still shoot alot . but when it comes to processing these shots , it's even worse. i have to find myself in the mood to work on these photos .

frankly i think i've become too damn lazy . hahaha .

ok , i think i'm delirious. i'm supposed to be up in a couple of hours to head to camp and i'm still up. lol .

and oh in just , about 48 hours from now , i'll finally be on my way to a place far far away.

can't wait .

and when i get back , i have a project to finish . my last shot . make it a 1x good one.

hopefully , i find inspiration when i'm far far away. it'll be a waste otherwise.

shall write a firmer entry tmr .

sleep deprivation makes you type nonsense. hahahaha.

aiky wrote in white | 11:24 PM

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